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Family Session [ann gordon photography – bloomfield hills photographer]

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Cranbrook -Bloomfield Hills, MI – Photo Walk [ann gordon photography]




I love Cranbrook House and Gardens.  Every year there is a new floral design in the main garden.  I look forward to the colors and flowers chosen to make anyone who visits say “ahhhh”!  I used the Fuji x100s Camera to capture the images below.  Ann Gordon Photography.Fujix100s_0038

Ann Gordon Photography.Fujix100s_0032

Ann Gordon Photography.Fujix100s_0019

Ann Gordon Photography.Fujix100s_0034

Ann Gordon Photography.Fujix100s_0035Ann Gordon Photography.Fujix100s_0011

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Prom Season! [birmingham high school photographer]

Spent a fantastic day working with Tiffany (make-up), Kali (hair) and three sweet High School Juniors!


Ann Gordon Photography.styledprom_0003Ann Gordon Photography.styledprom_0002Ann Gordon Photography.styledprom_0010Ann Gordon Photography.styledprom_0011Ann Gordon Photography.styledprom_0005Ann Gordon Photography.styledprom_0004Ann Gordon Photography.styledprom_0008Abby-6

La Petite Bloom Workshop [ann gordon photography – bloomfield hills, mi]




If you have a chance to attend one of the fabulous Bloom Workshops, you will be one lucky girl!  Michaela and Ashley are the best teachers! They share with wild abandon! Jessica Albers of Studio Albers taught us the beginnings of calligraphy.   Our ‘flower bar’ and floral arranging direction were provided by the lovely and talented Spring Sweet of Grand Rapids.  They all have such sweet, friendly, open personalities.  Every question was answered thoughtfully and thoroughly!!  Such a wonderful day, with beautiful, talented ladies.  Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0009

Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0015

Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0001

Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0014

Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0013

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Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0011

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Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0012

Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0016


My talented new friends: Lydia, Destiny and Erin.  Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0008

Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0006

Ann Gordon Photography.LaPetiteBloomWorkshop_0018


High School Senior [Ann Gordon Photography]

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